New York City – Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

MAY 30, 2018

New York City Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

NYC Mayor de Blasio signed Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act – May 9, 2018
Inspire HR is here to outline the requirements of the new law and ensure companies are not only compliant, but on the path to creating safer and more inclusive workplaces.

Effective Now: (in addition to NY State standards)

  • Anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibilities notice must be displayed in a conspicuous location in both English and Spanish
  • Factsheet on anti-sexual harassment must be provided to employees at the time of hire (no later than the employee’s first week of work)
  • Claims of gender-based harassment under New York City law can be brought by all employees, regardless of the size of the employer (previously, only employers with four or more employees could bring about claims of gender-based harassment under New York City law.)
  • Statute of limitations for filing gender-based harassment complaints with the New York City Commission on Human Rights extended from one to three years after the alleged conduct occurred

Interactive training: 

  • Must be delivered between April 1, 2019 – April 1, 2020, and then once each calendar year thereafter
  • For employers with 15 or more employees, training is required for all New York City employees working 80 or more hours in a calendar year that have worked for at least 90 days (including interns), unless the employee received training within the same calendar year from a prior employer
  • Independent contractors count toward the 15 employee threshold and must be trained if work has been performed in furtherance of the business for more than 90 days and more than 80 hours in a calendar year, provided that the independent contractors have not already received the mandated annual training elsewhere
  • Employers must keep a record of all training, including a signed employee acknowledgment (which may be electronic), for at least three years

Interactive training must include: 

  • Bystander intervention information and techniques
  • Responsibilities of supervisors/leaders including:
    • Prevention of sexual harassment
    • How to address sexual harassment complaints
    • Prevention of retaliation
  • Statement that sexual harassment is unlawful discrimination under city, state, and federal law
  • Complaint process/contact info for company, city, state and federal channels
  • Retaliation prohibition and retaliation examples
  • Training records must be maintained for at least three years

For additional information, visit NYC Human Rights or speak with an Inspire expert.