Our agility is your

We stay flexible so your team can stay lean and still be a powerhouse.

In modern HR teams, there are no substitute players

Everyone has a crucial role, and your plates are always fully loaded with the essential tasks of supporting and developing your organization’s workforce.

You don’t have the bandwidth for extra challenges…but they come up anyway.

It could be rapid growth, a new business initiative, a leave of absence, or a disruption (like a pandemic). Maybe it’s not a single event but a pile-up of chronic issues, or just a need for some fresh perspective.

When that happens, you need backup, and not from just anybody.

These situations call for an experienced HR expert who can make a lasting impact quickly, allowing your team to stay focused on their day jobs.

Inspire HR is there for you precisely when you need us.

We’re the fountain of expert HR talent you can draw from as needed, so you can achieve game-changing results without expanding your core team.

Our Vision

To make the workplace the best place

Our Mission

To deliver unrivaled fractional expertise

Our Values

Fractional work makes us whole

We believe life should have space for all the things that fulfill us—including work and our families, passions, and personal growth. That’s why we’ve been trailblazers of remote and fractional work for over 15 years.

Our Commitment to Wellbeing

We Pledge to

take care of ourselves IRL, regularly, in ways that don’t feel like more work

treat ourselves and others with grace and mutual respect

keep it real when life happens #I’llgetbacktoyou

Is your HR team stretched to its limits?

We’re the flexible resource that makes a lasting difference.

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